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Managed Services.  by technologyxperts inc. is the answer for midsize businesses struggling with the rising cost of IT coupled with decreasing performance from that IT expense. Managed services embody a proactive, forward-looking, business first approach that aligns the IT infrastructure with the goals and objectives of the business. It blends that approach with remote monitoring and diagnostic software that keeps tracking the network and every device found thereon. TXI focuses on the business first delivering measurable impact.

Managed Services = Cost Predictability and Peace of Mind

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Cloud services provide new levels of economy, scalability and reliability that replace the way IT has been done in the past. Quite simply, cloud services provides a universally accessible yet secure place to store a company’s data, run its application portfolio and provide connectivity and communications to all employees, partners and customers whenever and wherever they need it. Traditionally, most businesses would build their server and data storage infrastructure in-house with significant capital investment. In most cases, a mid-size business would be discouraged by the large DIY cost associated with providing the reliability and accessibility necessary to achieve competitive advantage. Hard compromises between operational readiness and budgetary need were made leaving the business with a less than optimal IT infrastructure.

Cloud technologies are transforming businesses globally. Be ready to take advantage of this new business ecosystem.

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You depend on technology to help your organization operate and grow your business. But, by any measurement, what you have today is less than perfect. Are you dealing with one or more of these IT challenges: rigid infrastructure, old applications, security threats, information explosion, custom-built stacks as well as shrinking budgets? Are you looking into new IT opportunities with cloud, mobile computing or big data?

We offer a cost-effective way to configure, maintain and monitor your hardware and applications while reducing the burden on IT staff.

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Professional services offer an additional range of opportunities that are strategic with great potential impact on the business. These services are designed to help a business achieve its maximum business potential by exploiting information technology to the max. Get the edge a business needs to not only survive but flourish under any circumstance. Respond to competitive threats. Explore new business areas and markets.

We provide end-to-end services to implement infrastructure projects and enterprise solutions from leading vendors.

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 Pro-Active Monitoring

By continually monitoring your network and eliminating problems before they occur, you are able to keep productivity and performance across your network at optimal levels. Remedial actions, such as remote server reboots or automatic Windows services restarts, can provide rapid solutions to problems. Perhaps it is time to get your system into the gym. Don’t let your system get lazy and develop problems that are expensive and take time to fix. Instead monitor server health in a proactive way to ensure your system stays fighting fit and productive.

Patch Management

Sadly, applications and operating systems are filled with flaws that companies like Microsoft and Adobe are always attempting to address with constant patches and updates.  But unless someone is looking out for these fixes proactively, you could find yourself with vulnerabilities on your PCs and Servers that you had no idea existed.  TXI helps alleviate these concerns and minimize the risks of data breaches and downtime that could come as a result of a vulnerability being exploited by proactively patching and updating your core software using our best-in-breed Patch Management tools.

Managed Security

There are many effective Antivirus products in the marketplace, but who is making sure that you have the latest version or are using the most current and sophisticated virus definitions?  Or more importantly, do you even know if your Antivirus product is running as it should on all of your PCs and Servers?  For our clients, we offer state of the art Antivirus applications that are proactively managed by our support team. You can be assured that your Antivirus solution is modern and effective, rather than relying on off the shelf products that are unmanaged and often ignored.

The role of IT is being redefined. Cloud, mobile, and social media are changing the way your business runs today. We can help you bridge the gap between business and IT. Whether it is your network infrastructure, cloud applications, website, or day-to-day IT operations that need a makeover, we can help you be more successful.

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